Friday, March 06, 2009

Healing Financial Anxiety - A Meditation for Troubled Times

There are many fine books written about the benefit & power of creative visualization. One of the best is "Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain. I read it long years ago.. and the concepts there changed my life. If you are able to purchase, here is the link: Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life (Gawain, Shakti) If not, I am hope you will find it in your local library.

The idea of creating, or co-creating reality is very important, perhaps crucial at this time. I am hoping all Energy Healers will begin to practice a visualization to accompany this meditation. If we begin now, I am sure the collective energy of our thinking will be of great value.

The meditation is my work, I wrote it to accompany the purchase the Moon Poured Money candles I have been making for many years. I offer you the benefit of the meditation, but retain the copyright.

I am hoping that if we all start now.. affirming wealth & practicing generosity to the best of our ability.. whether we give time, talent or treasure.. we will turn the tide of panic, anxiety, and the downward economic spiral to an even keel.

Money comes to me easily.
I prosper at everything I do
I have money in the bank, money in my pockets, money to spend & money to share.
I am one with infinite supply.
I am wealthy. I am generous.
I am comfortable and secure because I always have plenty of money. I am fortunate, blessed with abundance.
There is no limit to my wealth & for this, I am grateful.

Of course, you may or may not feel these words to be true. However, to change today, we must affirm today that we have all we seek. If we affirm for tomorrow - which never comes - we shall remain empty handed.

I wish us all every blessing. Help your neighbor, comfort a friend, share a meal.... Generosity is the antidote to poverty of all kinds.

Ever forward!

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Anonymous said...

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One hospital study found that heart patients received the same anxiety benefits from listening to 30 minutes classical music as they did from taking drug valium.

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British Transport police play classical music to underground stations in some of the areas most dangerous neighborhoods. After 6 months of playing the music,

Robberies were cut by 33% , Staff assaults decreased by 25%, vandalism went down to 37%

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