Saturday, July 04, 2009

Anxiety, Self-Doubt, and Fear. Distance Reiki treatments can restore balance.

Since the end of May, I have received many calls from clients who are experiencing an unnatural increase in anxiety, fears about the future, and doubts about their own ability to succeed. These are all bright, successful people who have a history of material, emotional and spiritual success.

What seems to be happening is that they are "off center", and not without reason. The mainstream media in particular, which must report the news as it sees fit, presents a picture of our world and our planet that is most unsettling. During this time of global economic transition, many people are rightly fearful, and my post is not intended to dismiss the concerns anyone is having about their emotional or financial welfare at this time.

I do intend information for new clients who are wondering if Usui Reiki will benefit them, help them to feel more balanced, confident and emotionally secure. I am pleased to refer you to an article by a skilled Usui Reiki Master who speaks to the effectiveness of Reiki to address emotional concerns.

Energetically, one of the symptoms of stress and anxiety is an overactivity in the third eye chakra, while the crown chakra may be closed or restricted. Sometimes the throat chakra is also restricted.. meaning that the "size" or the "stregnth" of the energy moving in that wheel is less than other energy centers in the central column. This occurs because our "minds run away with us", causing us to become mentally transfixed by our worries an concerns.

Media, the financial troubles of friends and family, announcements about war, budget deficits are disturbing, and of course give "just cause" for more thinking about troubles. As well, some people are actually turning the stress inwards, blaming themselves for not being better protected, for not making better decisions, for a long list of actions not taken to ensure quality of life.

The metaphysical, and energetic constant is change. Everything, including our energy bodies, functions best in a balanced flux, a give and take if you will. However, worry can cut it's own groove in the energy record we play each day.. and over time, worry, no matter how well founded, corrupts the natural movement of energy through the chakras.

Usui Reiki is an energy modality that seeks to restore a natural balance to the human energy field. Natural in that the balance is your own rhythm.. the heart beat that is natural for you. In so doing, restricted chakras are loosed, wide open chakras are calmed, and the energy body gradually comes to rest in a condition of equipose.

It would be lovely if one could "think" one's way out of stress and anxiety, but troubles of the mind are often best addressed by healing the body, either through Reiki, massage or acupuncture. All these methods bypass the mind to create harmony in the body, thus making the body a more comfortable resting place for the mind.

Remote or distance Reiki healing is particularly helpful to combat stress, tension and anxiety because the treatment only requires that you relax, reclining comfortably at home, and allow the practitioner to send the healing energy to you. You don't have to drive, meet someone new, get dressed.. take time from your day... just choose an evening when you will have about 20 uninterrupted minutes to receive your energy healing.

I have provided a few links back my site to provide you more information, and am certain that if you are interest in choosing to schedule a Reiki treatment you will be able to find a healer you are comfortable working with. I invite you to remember that the universe is unfolding perfectly, that there really is plenty of love, money, peace, and prosperity for everyone. When we recall and vibrate at that frequency, our world becomes a better place.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. I wish you every happiness.

Ann George

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