Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The spritual healing of generosity - a way to practice.

tibetan monastery completion projectI have received so many wonderful blessings, teachings, insights and empowerments as a direct result of the activity of all who make Karma Triyana Dharmachakra possible. It is now my pleasure to introduce you to an opportunity to practice the paramita of genrosity... If you are interested in more information, please visit their effort to preserve Tibetan culture.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Reiki Freedom in Florida

I recently received a letter from a Florida man looking for the Reiki exchange:

"Maybe I just missed it. I was looking for the time and place of the Reiki exchange. I have been attuned and am looking for a local exchange. Thanks for your time. "

Sadly, the Reiki exchange has been discontinued. Due to unfortunate restrictions placed on energy healers by the State of Florida, I now limit my work to distance healing. In this way, I am not touching the client and am not violating any regulations applied to the practice of Reiki by the Florida Board of Massage Therapists in particular.

I am happy to post this link to a non-profit agency willing to work to restore our right to practice Reiki in Florida with out fear of fines & punishment by "governing bodies" who really have no right to restrict public access to energy healing. Clck the title of this post for more information.

Be sure to visit: http://www.floridahealthfreedom.org/lobbying_manual for great suggestions on how you can help.

Wishing you peace, Ann George

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Aura Cleansing and the Human Energy Field

I am pleased to return to an overview of Aura Cleansing by linking you to a few fine articles already published by reputable sources that give evidence to the existence of the human aura or the human energy field:Of course you can browse around and find more articles. I reference these because they are clearly written, useful introductions. For those of you who already see the human energy body, have had energy healing or are practicing a yogic discipline or are working with Chi in another modality... please bear with. Or if you prefer, please add comments to this post. Sometimes it is the collective experience that gives the greatest evidence & makes the best argument.

I have been to sites of skeptics, read their points of view, and moved on. I hope you will do the same. A good conclusion requires an open minded exploration of ideas. What remains strange to me is a culture that finds the concept of the human energy field too far out, happily puts frozen food in a metal box, pushes buttons, waits a few moments & enjoys a microwaved meal. I digress. More later.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

FAQ About Aura Cleansing

I have been receiving more letters about aura cleansing lately, all containing very good questions, so I thought to take a moment to review the energetic principles of aura cleansing.

Let me begin with the e-mails concerning dark bands, dark clouds, negative energy etc. in the aura. If you are seeing an ethical energy healer, that person will give you a full explanation of what they are "seeing" when they report these sort of ominous things, what they think their "seeing" means, and they will outline steps you can take to improve your energetic well-being relevant to this diagnosis. If you are receiving the "dark cloud" diagnosis without constructive advice, it is best to find another healer.

The human energy body, human energy field, or the aura, is naturally in a state of flux. As we move throughout the day, different kinds of demands are placed on us on every level... physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Just as the body may respond by becoming tense, the mind may respond by becoming irritable, the energy body & its chakras will also respond. This is natural.

As well, just as we may stretch, or have a shower, or take some deep breaths & step out of the home or office for a moment to clear our heads... we may choose to cleanse (or smudge) our subtle energy bodies. There are different ways to do this, and human beings have used the tools at hand in their environments to accomplish this goal.

Whether we use rattles, mists, waters, shakers, bells, or incense to refresh the aura, the underlying principle is that we are interrupting the distressing energetic processes with our efforts. Sometimes, we have neglected our energy bodies for so long that they are "frozen" or "stuck" or "armored" and several smudgings or cleansings may be necessary to restore equilibrium.

Now, be sure that I am not suggesting that my Aura Cleansing Incense is the only tool to use, nor do I propose that Aura Cleansing as briefly described today is a full introduction to this idea & practice. I do intend to begin a discussion of this healing modality, and intend over the next several weeks to expand on this beginning.

Motivated in part by my concern for our fragile planet I feel compelled to make the case for natural energy healing & the use of incense & essential oils in particular to offset the consumption of petroleum based fabric sprays, candles, mists & scented plug-in products that effect a fragrance change ( a clue that we know we want to feel better & to be restored to a more natural condition ) rather than a true transformation of our etheric environment.

Ever forward!


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