Tuesday, July 03, 2007

FAQ About Aura Cleansing

I have been receiving more letters about aura cleansing lately, all containing very good questions, so I thought to take a moment to review the energetic principles of aura cleansing.

Let me begin with the e-mails concerning dark bands, dark clouds, negative energy etc. in the aura. If you are seeing an ethical energy healer, that person will give you a full explanation of what they are "seeing" when they report these sort of ominous things, what they think their "seeing" means, and they will outline steps you can take to improve your energetic well-being relevant to this diagnosis. If you are receiving the "dark cloud" diagnosis without constructive advice, it is best to find another healer.

The human energy body, human energy field, or the aura, is naturally in a state of flux. As we move throughout the day, different kinds of demands are placed on us on every level... physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Just as the body may respond by becoming tense, the mind may respond by becoming irritable, the energy body & its chakras will also respond. This is natural.

As well, just as we may stretch, or have a shower, or take some deep breaths & step out of the home or office for a moment to clear our heads... we may choose to cleanse (or smudge) our subtle energy bodies. There are different ways to do this, and human beings have used the tools at hand in their environments to accomplish this goal.

Whether we use rattles, mists, waters, shakers, bells, or incense to refresh the aura, the underlying principle is that we are interrupting the distressing energetic processes with our efforts. Sometimes, we have neglected our energy bodies for so long that they are "frozen" or "stuck" or "armored" and several smudgings or cleansings may be necessary to restore equilibrium.

Now, be sure that I am not suggesting that my Aura Cleansing Incense is the only tool to use, nor do I propose that Aura Cleansing as briefly described today is a full introduction to this idea & practice. I do intend to begin a discussion of this healing modality, and intend over the next several weeks to expand on this beginning.

Motivated in part by my concern for our fragile planet I feel compelled to make the case for natural energy healing & the use of incense & essential oils in particular to offset the consumption of petroleum based fabric sprays, candles, mists & scented plug-in products that effect a fragrance change ( a clue that we know we want to feel better & to be restored to a more natural condition ) rather than a true transformation of our etheric environment.

Ever forward!


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