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Space Clearing & House Blessing Services

I receive inquiries from people asking me to come to their location to perform a clearing of negative energies from their homes or offices. I have been providing this service for over 25 years. 
Maintaining an energetically calm, clear and sacred personal space at home and at work has so many benefits I encourage everyone to do some form of clearly weekly.  This can easily be included in your daily life by offering an incense to restore the peace full frequency of your home.

I have been making moon poured candles as well as  my own hand blended incense to help you maintain sacred space and in some cases improve the frequency to achieve certain goals.  (I provide complete instructions with my products). There are many fine shops in my city and of course you may shop online to purchase esoteric products to clear your space. 

Smudging with sage, cedar, sweet grass or Palo Santo or any other combination of cleansing herbs is easy to do. There are times when the energy of your home or office can be disturbed, many are just natural causes for an imbalance in the energy of your space. A few obvious examples are:
  • a visit from unpleasant people
  • physical illness
  • the loss of a pet
  • construction
  • an accident or act of violence in your neighborhood. 
Please trust your intuition when you feel the need to clear your space with a nice herbal smudge. It is also lovely to make candle offerings to refresh with fire light.  (I encourage you to choose natural wax candles whenever possible.)

There are times when there are great disruptions in homes. I have posted a few articles about these kinds of disruptions (spells, ghosts and spirits can cause them) on another blog. You may find similar articles on this blog as well. 

There are all kinds of forces in the natural world we can easily identify as dangerous. Hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, and tsunami are some of the most extreme disturbances. 

There are disturbances in the energy worlds as well. Often these disturbances are unseen, however, we can feel them! Sometimes there may even be a disturbance that is named a haunting as the disruptive force seems so focused and personal. 

Sometimes a beings energy can be trapped and stagnant in a place, and that too can cause disruption. 

If you feel that the frequency of your home requires professional help, I am happy to assist. (Please note that in many religions priests will come perform a house blessing ceremony in the context of your faith. This is a very wise choice.)

Although I have gone in person in the past, I now strongly prefer to offer Remote Clearings using Usui Reiki to purify and restore any location. Usui Reiki is a pure Life Energy. It works well to cleanse. balance and return  an environment to a natural healthy condition. 

Because it is possible to send Reiki to your location (home or office building) at a time when no one is there, this is one of the safest ways to purify a space! 

What ever beings or energies have occupied your space can be cleared, healed, restored to their own unique frequency and move on and away. Any residual energy those entities have left behind may be cleared as well. 

One of the greatest benefits of the remote healing process is that no harm can come to the people or pets that live in that home as they are away! For an office, healing is sent when the building is closed and empty. 

When you return to your home, you should notice that the energy is different. Over the next three days the full effect of the Reiki will manifest and you should enjoy relief from what ever energy was disruptive. 

I am in favor of the Distance Healing for my benefit as well. Although I have been practicing Reiki for over almost 30 years, and have been doing energy work for 20, from time to time I do encounter powerful and dangerous energies when doing a clearing. 

There was one remarkable incident that where I was clearing a home while the owner and pets were present. This negative energy had taken a strong position in the home and did not want to leave. It was “attached” to the person and this attachment made the energy all the more difficult to remove. 

As the energy was leaving, it suddenly turned and “punched” me in the solar plexus so hard I had to sit down. Yes, I was surprised! This was the most power “physical” assault I had ever experienced while doing a clearing. No one else was hurt.  

Other advantages of choosing a Remote Reiki clearing is that 
  • they are easy to schedule
  • they take far less time than a walk through clearing
  • they are very thorough 
  • the are most affordable. 

I am sure you can find other articles on house blessing on line. There are many ethical Reiki Masters who offer this service.  Please know that a professional healer will charge a flat fee for the service offered. 

Sometimes a second clearing may feel necessary to you and an ethical provider may agree, but encourage you to allow your home to “settle”. As well, if you start to practice your own clearing the day after the Reiki session, this will help maintain the clearing and help you feel empowered to manage and protect your space. 

Some people live in high stress environments. They may be care giving for an elder, a person with emotional troubles, or someone with a physical illness. All these stressors can become “trapped” in the  home. 

Last century people would open the windows and “air out” the house regularly. This allowed the  clear energy of the Earth to flow into the home and was very beneficial. In our century, depending on your location, fresh air may seem hard to come by. “Airing out” is also a good way to refresh your space when possible. 

I hope you find this note helpful. If you would like to order a clearing, please call  me to schedule your session. If you would like to have order an Usui Reiki Energy Healing for your self, here is an article and link to order that service. 

Ann George 
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Space Clearing & House Blessing Services

I receive inquiries from people asking me to come to their location to perform a clearing of negative energies from their homes or offic...