Thursday, August 09, 2007

Reiki Freedom in Florida

I recently received a letter from a Florida man looking for the Reiki exchange:

"Maybe I just missed it. I was looking for the time and place of the Reiki exchange. I have been attuned and am looking for a local exchange. Thanks for your time. "

Sadly, the Reiki exchange has been discontinued. Due to unfortunate restrictions placed on energy healers by the State of Florida, I now limit my work to distance healing. In this way, I am not touching the client and am not violating any regulations applied to the practice of Reiki by the Florida Board of Massage Therapists in particular.

I am happy to post this link to a non-profit agency willing to work to restore our right to practice Reiki in Florida with out fear of fines & punishment by "governing bodies" who really have no right to restrict public access to energy healing. Clck the title of this post for more information.

Be sure to visit: for great suggestions on how you can help.

Wishing you peace, Ann George

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