Friday, April 24, 2009

Energy Healing, Clairvoyance & Henna Tattoo

As is the case with insightful questions from clients & customers, I receive their permission to post my answers to their questions on a blog. This most excellent letter came just the other day, and I chose to reply in this Energy Healing blog as the questions seem most easily answered in Energy Healing language.

It will answer the letter in a three party reply as each of the questions require specific answers. Please know that I share only my experience & observations. I certainly do not pretend to have all the answers for everyone, nor do I intend to address this reply to all healers nor all modalities.

I come from an Usui Reiki background in energy healing, and a Western Mystery tradition for the clairvoyant aspects of my work, thus I tend to err on the side of caution.
That said, here is the first question:

"I wanted to inquire about your abilities as a clairvoyant and how that may apply to your henna work. Being a henna artist as well, I obviously touch a lot of people's skin and sometimes I feel like I am being sent messages about the person that are intended for them, from spirit. I am not always sure that they will be open to hearing what I have to say and wondered what your advice on this would be."

My reply: When working with clients as a henna artist, I allow myself to be only that. I very much enjoy meeting people in a relaxed, neutral & welcoming situation where I am able to just be present to do art. If there is any clairvoyance in play, it seems to be only that henna forms a relationship with each customer, and designs often emerge that are "just what I wanted". I think all body artists hear this kind of comment, especially if they have taken a moment to really listen to their customer.

I honor that you sometimes feel that you are being sent messages about a person from spirit. I have learned that unasked for advice is often not welcome. At present, I only answer questions when asked. I also provide clairvoyant services in a sacred space, and by appointment. In this way clients are sure to be ready to receive answers to their questions, and I am certain that I have their permission to access their portion of the Akashic Record fort their greatest good.

In some cases, even with all the above boundaries in place, clients may still be anxious or even fearful about having a clairvoyant reading. While some people are very open, and welcome spiritual messages at any time and in any circumstance... others are not. I strongly prefer to do no harm.. so, if I do receive any information while providing a henna tattoo, I let that knowing just flow by. I do not attach importance to it, nor do I share it. Most of my henna clients know me as an artist, and a few as a mystic or healer, and expect that service from me.

The second aspect or second question:

" I also am becoming more recognized by myself and others as a bit of a healer and have often put the intention of healing into my work when doing henna. I figure it cannot harm them to send healing through the henna and being that it has been used for good luck and well being for milennia, it seems a good conduit for this. What are your thoughts or suggestions on this if any?"

My reply: As one of my greatest teachers one said: "Intention is everything." I intend to be of benefit to every henna customer, to offer them my full attention, appropriate touch, a beautiful design applied while they are comfortable. I intend that they feel welcome, and valuable. These seemingly simple intentions are often the most powerful of all healing gifts.

As my clients are coming for art, art is what they get. Should a customer ask for a power symbol, a healing design, or a healing experience during the henna process, I am happy to intend that their design be a healing or empowering symbol.

In fact, following the "Messages From Water" model, drawing kanji or other meaningful symbols over pulse points may become it's own healing process all together. So, I suppose the short answer is that I offer healing services when they are ordered, or requested. However, healers heal; good touch is good touch; and loving kindness shines through to bless everyone.

In the process of offering a donation based public Reiki Healing circle weekly over a period of two years, I have learned that not everyone who asks for healing really wants it. I have learned that what I might find a problem, or an area that requires healing may not be seen that way by the person coming to the circle.

The third part of the question:

"Is there any other practice I should be doing that will help me to tune into these abilities more and to be of greater service to my clients? What are the ethics behind such a practice? I appreciate any feedback that you have for me and look forward to your response." Much love and peace, Rosemary

My reply:I think Usui Reiki Energy Healing is the most excellent training to receive I wish everyone was Reiki. Usui Reiki heals the healer while healing the client. The ethics are simple, ancient, honorable and freeing. I have seen remarkable and complete healings occur with Usui Reiki.

One of the reasons this model is so pleasing to me is that it works best when I get out of the way and allow the natural Universal Life Energy to flow through me, to the client, to return that person to their own, true Energy Nature. It is good for people, plants, animals, environments.

Usui Reiki heals mentally, emotionally & spiritually in my experience. I encourage you to seek your training from a traditional Usui Reiki Master who has a Master. Although there are many "embellishments" to the original model, I am still happily practicing Reiki when asked.

I hope this post is helpful to you. Please know the tone of voice - so hard to convey in type for me - is warm, and happy. I thank you so much for writing & for allowing me to post your questions to a public forum.

Wishing you joy,

Ann George

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