Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Reiki healing for the dying

I recently received a call from a client who was interested in purchasing a Reiki treatment for a relative diagnosed with a terminal illness. As the person was rapidly approaching death, the caller was concerned about possible "negative" effects of Reiki on someone so ill. In particular, it seemed that that caller was fearful that a Reiki treatment might precipated the death of the loved one.

It is my experience, having been priviliged to send Reiki treatments to people who were dying, that Reiki treatments are preceived by the dying as very, very calming, very spiritual and very loving moments in time. The most memorable incident was reported by family of a woman who was dying in a hospital. A member of the then active Reiki Healing exchange asked the group to send Reiki to this woman. We all felt a very strong energetic connection, and the group sent energy for mind/body balance, distance healing and greatest peace. We all learned at the next meeting of the exchange that the woman reported having a very strong sense of angels being present in the room at the time the treatment was being sent.

In other instances, clients who have chosen to include Reiki as part of their dying process, many of whom took full advantage of all the modern medical treatments available, and some who did not, reported that they were able to move toward death with a greater sense of calm and spiritual well-being than they had thought possible.

In none of these instances did Reiki serve as a miracle cure to heal these people from the disease that ultimately ended their physical life. However, I was taught early in my training that sometimes death itself is a healing.

While this idea may be very uncomfortable at first, I find it to be true. It has not been my experience that Reiki has "caused" the death of a terminally ill person. However, as this blog is intended to be a vehicle for Reiki practitoners to share their experiences with Reiki healing, I welcome posts from those who may have greater experience than I with the process of sending Reiki to the dying.

Wishin you peace. Ann George

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