Thursday, March 05, 2009

The First Cause? Energy Healing & Environmental Action

I have been feeling the Earth call for healing. But those aren't quite the words to describe the vibrational pull felt over the past few weeks. Others have called or written to comment on their growing awareness of a subtle intensity... one that is insistent but vague.

This post is triggered in part by memories of my Great Aunt Ella's trash pile in the backyard of her little clapboard house in Whynot, Mississippi. I visited there as a child (last century of course) and went out to the far back yard with her to burn the trash. At that time, there was not trash pick-up. Each family had to burn or bury what would not decompose. I remember watching the trash burn, but not the tin cans. And of seeing, after the fire had consumed the cloth & paper, a sodden pile of debris.

Today, our debris is packed into plastic bags and hauled out of sight. Our water isn't really ours, someone else is watching our well.. so we have not been taught things my mother new... you don't poison your well, you don't salt your earth.

Remembering this, I am more troubled by products I see daily. Some of these products are plastic or petroleum based, products that are not vital to life, but that actually hurt our environment. If you pause a moment, perhaps you too will notice that plug-in air freshening products may not be the most eco-friendly purchases we can make. Or, soaps that are no longer just bar soaps in paper, but dazzling, fragranced liquids in remarkable bottles... plastic of course.

As an Energy Healer, I am now coming to better understand that treating people is not the end of the journey. Every purchase I make is a statement of intent, a commitment to the healing of this an future generations. It feels good to expand my awareness. It feels good to bring bags to the market, stop all the junk mail, buy only products in cardboard containers. It feels good use biodegradable laundry soap - in fact the price, thus the sacrifice, makes the decision more valuable.

I remain forever grateful to the farm women who are my grandmothers, great aunts, distant cousins. In a few short weeks of childhood, they showed me a world view that may well serve to save me from the karma of convenience as a priority.

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