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Space Clearing • Remote Reiki Healing • A business success story & testimonial.

Energy Healing Testimonial for Ann George Studios, Inc. • A Business Success Story

Just as it is possible to restore energy bodies of living beings to health & balance, so too is it possible to heal environments. Many times we are aware of a “bad vibe”or a “troubled” spot in a business or other building.  Sometimes people feel either a human presence, or simply a disturbance in their businesses they can’t logically account for. Sometimes people will walk in and the right out of a business without even stopping to look at a single item for sale. 

For the business owner, this can be heartbreaking, frustrating, and  these kinds of disturbances have caused more than one company to fail. Most people don’t think to call an energy healer to fix the problem. In this post I am happy to say that Micael H. did seek outside the box, took the risk to call for a clearing, and had we a very good result for his business. 

I have offered Remote Energy healing for over 20 years, and am always glad to help to heal  places whenever possible. The beauty of Reiki healing is there is always a benefit.

I prefer to do Space Clearing for Businesses  - or Remoter Reiki Healing - after hours so that there are no people in that energetic environment. Should the energy in a space be truly destructive, I do not want living targets in that space to suffer any energetic eruptions. 

Remote Healing is the first best method to apply to restore the clear frequency of a business. Often one treatment is sufficient to clear the unwanted energy field or energy beings from a location.

“Remote” Space Clearing means that I am not in the space. This type of healing may also be called “Distance Reiki” and It is also the safest method for me. to apply.

I am better able to “see” and to “send” the healing if I am not distracted by physical sights, smells and sounds of the shop, warehouse, or professional practice. 

For  Michael H., the client who wrote a this referral, he and his family were all sure that there was indeed a disturbance in their new business. Customers were clearly affected by this disturbance, as were those working in the shop every day. 

After listening carefully to all of Michaels’  concerns and observations, as well as having the exact physical address of the business, I did a “Remote” Space Clearing for his business. As well, prior to the Clearing, I offered a few suggestions on space management, product placement, and the placement of “appeasements” to the energy of the business that I “saw” as helpful. 

It is not appropriate to describe the healing in this blog.  I am very happy to say that his last letter, complete with photos, revealed a very different business that the one we first started working with!! 

Here now is his testimonial for your review: 

“I approached Ann George during a desperate time for our business. Despite heavy advertising and a great location, it had been struggling greatly and the negative energy in the business was overwhelming. Even the mere mention of the business caused us to bicker and fight. We were all so unhappy. 

Ann was kind enough to listen patiently to our issues and try to fathom a reason for our misfortunes. After a rather lengthy conversation, she determined a Usui Reiki might be best to use on the store. 

It was amazing how quickly things changed! Not more than three days after completion, the air in the store felt less heavy and we haven’t had a single fight since. 

Furthermore, we were able to attract new consigners into the business, giving us more financial stability. They actually came to us! 

Things are going well now and we have grown to love where we're at. It’s unbelievable how quickly things turned around. I would recommend this service to anyone struggling. Ann definitely knows her stuff, but most importantly is a willing ear and advisor. 

Michael H., Jacksonville, FL. 

It remains my great pleasure to be able to help others, and I am very grateful to Michael for taking time to send a recommendation.

Many remain skeptical of their own knowing, deny their intuitions, or are reluctant to believe that energy fields can manifest and cause difficulties. The good news is that there is hope for healing these events. 

(As well, please notice that an ethical energy field worker will charge an affordable price for the services rendered. My Remote Reiki Treatments are $40. Sometimes more than one healing is needed. We will work together to find the best solution.  Pricing for “on site” clearings varies greatly depending on size and location. As Reiki works so well, it is seldom necessary for an on site session.) 

Ann George
Usui Reiki Master 

Notes on my qualifications:

I was attuned to the first degree of Reiki in 1990. I had my second degree attunement sometime in 1994 and my Master Level attunement in 1998.

I had offered a weekly Reiki healing service for two years prior to receiving my Masters attunement. During that time all the Reiki practitioners who were learning and working to improve their awareness of this healing model, and those who came to be treated worked to build a strong community. 

People who came for healing would report their feelings and sensations back to the Reiki providers during their sessions. This dialogue helped everyone. Healers were empowered to understand what “flows” of energy offered the best results for certain health problems and those receiving the treatment were able to participate in their healing process. 

We also built a data base of the effect of Reiki symbols of various aliments and sent healing as a group to those in other cities around the world. Many of the reports we received back from those endeavors were very fortunate, and validated the power of many healers to facilate powerful change.

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