Friday, August 24, 2012

Reiki Healing for Animals

I am now offering Usui Reiki distance energy healing treatments for animals by appointment.  I thought to offer this healing a few years ago, but lacked practice and experience. I now feel I have the experience to make Reiki available for pets and other animal friends. 

I have just completed my third successful energy healing for an animal, my own little dog, who suffered a "central nervous system event" according to the vet. The symptoms seemed stroke-like to me.

The first symptom was that the dog walked in quick and tight circles from time to time one afternoon, as if he was chasing his tail. The next morning, the dog was unable to move, had breathing difficulty, seemed "frozen" and near death. 

As I had never seen anything like this before and wanted to be sure the dog had not been poisoned, a trip to the vet and some antibiotics was my first action.  For three days I just held the little dog, offering 5 minute sessions of Reiki off and on through out the day. This healing was calming, and the panic left his eyes, his breathing returned to a more normal rate ( it had been very heavy and very fast ) and the muscles in his body relaxed somewhat. 

I went for a second opinion on his health three days later - on a Monday - and the veterinarians' suggestion was that as the dog was unlikely to have any quality of life that it might be wise to euthanize him at that visit. I was surprised by the comment, and instead opted for the addition of prednisone to his medication regimen. 

At the beginning of the CNSE, my little "Yorkipoo mix" could not raise his head at all. He required syringe feeding for water. He required soft canned foods and spoon feeding. This took time as the paralysis affected his jaw and he could not open his mouth. So, carefully, carefully, he had to lick the food from the spoon as best he could.

The dog could not move at all for almost a week and had lost control of his bodily functions. Needless to say, I bought a good many lap pads.

I decided to provide little Momo the best end of life care possible, and  I continued to treat him with Usui Reiki. Now, as this was a bizarre event, I did not offer very long Reiki sessions, but a series of short treatments through out the day. 

As I am very lucky to be blessed with friends in Reiki, Momo also received distant energy treatments from some very loving healers in town. As I write this,  some five weeks post event, he is happily wandering the house.  He has regained control of his body. He can drink from a bowl, eat from a bowl, is once again house broken, and has regained his bark.

At present the symptom we are working on is his wandering. He seems to enjoy exploring the house, however, I know this pacing to be a lingering symptom of the event. At present his central nervous system still seems to cause him to be in motion. As well, he is not yet able to always come in a straight path when called, but must come in a series of  arc and circles, although very happy to arrive for pets!

He is however able to find his crate and pause for a rest and a nap as need be. He has regained some spirit or personality and all in all, the consensus of friends and family is that the dog has had a "miraculous" recovery.

The second animal in my care that was healed with Usui Reiki was an elderly Siamese cat who had become very aggressive. In fact, he too was to be euthanized as his violent attacks on his care givers were frequent. The cat would bite the human arm, hold on, and then just shred the flesh with his claws. 

Having seen the result of this attack, it was clear this animal was emotionally quite disturbed and a danger to others - both human and feline. As his primary care giver (away from the home and unable to return to care for the cat due to work restrictions) learned of the impending death of his pet he asked me to take the cat and try to care for it as best I could.

I thought I might be a bit crazy for taking on this project, however, it was the right thing to do and at the time I had room for one more.  I will save the story of the healing of "Chi Baby", a lovely, lilac point Siamese cat for another post. The outcome is successful, and very lovely. 

I will continue to post on the topic of Reiki for animals, and to add a donation button to my site for those who wish to order energy healing for their pets. Should you require healing for your animal friend before the site is updated, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

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Danica said...

It's awesome to see another soul dedicating themselves to heal others, even animals :) I've been thinking about doing the same; but in person. Thank you so much for your post :)

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