Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Studios are temporarily closed for Spiritual Retreat

I am pleased to be able to participate in very special pilrimage this May.
To do so, the Studio will close from May 18, through May 22, 2008. All orders will be processed & shipped as soon as possible beginning Friday May 23, 2008.
I regret that I will not be able to reply to your phone calls during this time.
It will be best to send an e-mail should you need to contact me, however, I will not be able to reply until Friday May 23, 2008 at the earliest.
I thank you for your patience & send all best wishes for your health, prosperity and long happy life.

1 comment:

oscadilla said...

i would like to take this opportunity to share how healing the movie soul masters was for me. it was truly moving and hopeful. i recommend it. it´s life changing. it´s a must see.

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