Sunday, September 11, 2005

A frequently asked question about Reiki Distance Healing.

I have received several emails over the past few weeks from clients who have ordered Reiki distance healing. The questions asked all were relevant to the idea that the client could somehow interrupt the healing, or fail to receive the full benefit of the healing because they were unable to relax, were distracted, didn't "feel" the same effect for the second treatment as they did for the first. Of course, I answered each letter personally, but as the question came up more than once, I thought a small article on the topic would be helpful.

Once we have made the agreement that you will receive a Reiki distance healing, and you have sent the day, time and place that you want the treatment to occur, then.. the healing treatement will be sent as you requested. Other than cancelling or rescheduling the appointment, there is nothing you can do that will diminish the effect of the Reiki. You may not consciously experience the same remarkable effects if you are distracted, but the energy healing will occur all the same.

In fact, this is one of the reasons Reiki is such an excellent healing modality. The client is not required to do anything at all. In particular, when treating small children (at the request of their parents of course) or the elderly (at the request of their children), stroke patients, or even animals...this energy fact makes Reiki the modality of choice.

Further, because the flow of Reiki is so gentle, and because Reiki seeks to restore balance & purity to the human energy body as well as the physical body, many of the effects of the treatment are quite subtle and manifest as a sense of calm well-being as the the healing reverberates throughout the body. Often the results unfold over a period of three days.

It is true that some people have remarkable experiences when receiving Reiki treatments. This does not indicate that those who have a profound reaction receive more healing than those who are unable to perceive anything unusual at all. The beauty of Reiki is that this natural healing energy works with the body, mind and spirit of each individual to bring about the best possible outcome.

I hope you have found this small note useful. I send you all best wishes!

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